Cisco VPN wont go thru…

  • Hi

    Im currently testing the pfsense box that will replace my dlink ruter.

    The problem i have ran into under the testing is that when i try my moms work computer and try to connect to her office via cisco VPN client the connection just times out…  The VPN says its IPsec/UDP

    I googled for a answer, and i found this:

    and though great, no problem then, but it doesnt help me.. it still wont work :(

    does anyone have ideas or solutions on how to fix this problem. I would really like to get rid of the dlink...

    Sorry for my bad english.


  • I wonder if you've hit the same issue that I had with a VPN.


  • Do you have a WAN-rule allowing ESP? If not, try this.
    Maybe you need AH too. Give it a try.
    Action pass, Interface WAN, Protocol ESP any to any. Maybe you need a UDP-rule too, allowing Port 4500, 500.
    At the other side maybe you are allowed to change the cisco-client to TCP and try connecting with this.

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