OpenVPN Ping from Server LAN to Remote (Mobile) Client.

  • Hello,

    Can someone please tell me if the following is possible?  I have a PFSENSE 2.0rc1 box at my home that I currently use to connect to (OpenVPN) remotely when I travel.  Everything works fine.  I connect, authenticate via PKI and can ping from my mobile client to my Home (server) LAN that is connected directly off of my PFSense box.  In other words the devices on my home server LAN use my PFSENSE box as their gateway.  What I want to do is be able to ping from devices on my HOME SERVER LAN to the mobile clients vpn ip.  I can only ping the virtual (VPN) GW ip on the remote LAN but not the mobile client.  I have tried multiple openvpn options with routes and iroutes and I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.  Is this only possible with site-to-site openvpn?  Thanks!



  • If the ip you ping from LAN is the same cidr as your openvpn configuration nothing further is needed.

    You should check openvpn clients firewall, in windows 7 it was a HUGE PAIN but you must get openvpn interface out of "public network" (default) and into "work network" group. Don't recall the exact process, but once completed what you describe will work.

    Linux or XP just switch off the firewall

  • Thanks for the response joako.  I will research and do what you suggest with the public network option.  I'm a little confused when you say the same CIDR.  Do you mean the same network/mask?  I am using two /24 from the private space; one for each side.  Thanks again!


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