TFTP provisioning for IP phone

  • Hi,
    I have upgraded my firewall to pfSense 2.0 RC1 and am encountering some problems when trying to connect to a TFTP server outside of my network when I boot my IP Phone. The phone is inside my network at 10.0.1.x. The PBX server is outside the network on a public IP. The server receives timeouts when trying to respond to requests from the phone when it boots. It looks like the response is being sent on a different port than the request. Is there a way to allow this traffic to communicate through the firewall without having to set up another TFTP server on the pfSense box? I believe IP Cop uses something called Conntrack TFTP to do this. Is there an equivalent in pfSense? Thanks for your help!

  • I went to System –> Advanced -->Firewall/NAT tab. Near the bottom it says TFTP Proxy. I highlighted WAN & LAN and clicked save. This allows the phones to connect to the TFTP server and pull down new firmware.

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