[SOLVED] Really can not deal with rules and NAT

  • Have read forum posts concerning pfSense containing logs on blocked packets, if there are doubles and lost FIN packets. But this time in my case it seams different - can not connect explicitly allowing connection, even using Quick rules from logs to allow connections.

    pfSense FW with NAT - WAN router external routed IP address - LAN router address internal - VIP for specific reasons located on WAN interface to connect to 192.168.10/24 LAN, as router have several OPT interfaces restricting internal VLANs.
    NAT setup is the following:
    Interface: WAN
    External address: (VIP as stated above)
    Protocol: TCP
    External port range: 8888
    NAT IP address: (from LAN interface - specific server)
    Local port: 8888

    By this setup I assume, that connections to VIP should be NATted to Hope, this is correct.

    I have a WAN Firewall rule, saying the following:
    Action: Pass
    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: TCP
    Source: Any (actually I have to specify exact host, but for now testing with any)
    Destination: (single host or alias)
    Destination port range: 8888 to 8888
    State type: Keep state
    No logging.

    With this setup, I get connections for these hosts blocked by Default firewall rule, in logs showing, that TCP:S packet is blocked, which mean Syn. Can not connect from external host anyway.

    First strange things I noticed, that Firewall offers to enter LAN addresses in rules, which previously I thought different, that I have to allow connection to, instead of But this works ok on other rules. Why is it so?

    Using FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p5 i386

    Can anybody comment on these issues or direct me to wrong settings, if any? Additionally I have LAN interface rule (manually entered) - allow any to any, which probably should work for outgoing connections, as well as if these tests have to run on LAN interface, instead of WAN.

  • Would like to add info for now:

    1. I run a packet capture, and find out, that, despite fw rule is for IP on WAN interface, FW gets connection to VIP I added additional FW rule to allow any connections to VIP on specific port. Run packet capture again - the same results. External system tries to send SYN packet to establish connection, but these first packets are blocked by default FW rule, despite expilcit allow rule

    2. I had an issue with asymetric routing, where packets were coming in via, but out - via FW WAN address. To be more precise, I registered Outgoing NAT rule, to move packets from this LAN interface out to any via VIP address:

    The results still does not give me a clue and connection can not be established still.

  • Was struggling with my issue for a couple of days, but really today, it turned out to be a problem of router restart. I could not imagine, that there could be a situation with FreeBSD to act like Microsoft products :) If something does not work, try to restart computer :).

    Anyway, restarted router, which was online for 1.5 years, and everything stepped in their places - rules started to work. To be honest, could not find any info relating to such issues, nor can comment it deeper. For now, issue is considered as solved.

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