Wireless AP

  • Hi,
    first of all let me congratulate you for this powerfull program.I'm not really using it, but i'm aware of the possibilities that it opens.

    Now the problem:

    I have 1 Wireless card that I would like to turn into an Access Point.
    I was in the IRC channel and have been informed that I have to have two LAN adapters and the wireless card, one of them for WAN and the other for LAN. The other LAN card is needed just to configure through the "Web Configuration" the wireless card mode to AP.

    Is it possible to turn the wireless card mode to AP without using the "WEB GUI"?
    I have a wireless card wich has a Atheros chipset so it should be compatible with pfSense.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Assign the cards in the following way:

    Access the webgui at LAN. Setup pass any rules at WAN and uncheck "block private subnets" at interfaces>wan. After you are done with this go to interfaces>assign and switch LAN to ath0 and WAN to wirednic. Now you should be able to access it at WAN and setup the rest from there.

  • I assigned this way:

    I dind't configure anything besides this.

    I went to another computer on the LAN and tried to open the webgui through IE:
    I can't open the page.

    Did my pc actually as an ip on the LAN ? please help.

  • something is misconfigured then. If you directly connect a client to the LAN interface keep in mind that you need a crossover cable. Otherwise connect a switch in between.

  • Try to change Router's IP addresses.
    Some ADSL modems uses IP address and probabbly you are trying to connect on modem instead of your system.

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