Web GUI with terminated PPPoE connection

  • Hi !

    I have a question:
    Yesterday my provider cut my DSL connection so my PPPoE connection on WAN was down.

    When the connection was down, I tried to connect to the webGUI and the following happened:

    I have NAT from WAN to LAN port 443 enabled and when accessing the webGUI it NATted me back to my server on port 443, so there was no possibility for me to access the webGUI, only SSH worked for me…

    Any idea why this might be so ?

    When the connection is down, I think the GUI has to be accessible too, right ?



  • Turn off reflection.

  • Or move the webgui to a port that is not used for any reflected services.

  • Hmmm, sounds logical :-)

    sorry… should have come to that clue myself...  ;)

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