PfSense Suggestion: "Delete [All] Shown States" button

  • There are times when it'd be really convenient to be able to:

    • View the state table

    • Filter the table somehow

    • Click a button to delete all of the visible states

    This isn't something that comes up daily, but occasionally I change a routing rule, and want to reset only states affected by the rule (as opposed to dropping all connections). If there are a few hundred states, it can take a long time to click each one individually, and is only made more difficult by the states slowly fading then collapsing.

    Currently, I'm working around this issue by pasting the following JavaScript code into Firebug and executing, which I will eventually get around to turning into a GreaseMonkey script:

      $$('td.list img').each( function(el, idx) { eval( $(el).getAttribute('onclick') ) });

    Does anyone else think this might be a good idea to put on the road map for 2.x?

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