Srcds poor performance with pf

  • hi

    so i have just switched out my dlink dir 655 router with a pfSense server.
    The server spesefications is:

    CPU: Intel P4 2.8ghz
    Mem: 512 mb
    network: Realtek 100mbit, and 3Com 100mbit

    This configuration is holding up my home network and my three servers.

    As a hobby i host Counter-Strike Source servers which all are very populare.

    The problem is that i cant get them to run as smooth as with the dlink router… which is really sad since i really like pfsense.

    Anyone has any fine tunings advice?

    Thanks :)


  • For gaming, using static ports is recommended.  You enable Advanced Outbound NAT to do this, do a search if you are unfamiliar with AON.

  • Yes, i have done that;) it fixed some seriouse lag issues, but some players are still complaining about lag…


  • If lag is an issue, then setup Traffic Shaping and allow your Counter Strike Server's IP and the CS ports to have a higher priority.

  • hmm, when i setup traffic shaping and reboot the pfsense box, i do not get to visit any webpages and connect to other servers… Have i done something wrong?:P

    i just followed the wizard...

  • Havent used the Traffic Shaper Wizard in a while, but I remember seeing an error like this on the forum.  Are you using a recent snapshot?

  • i use 1.2.3, no updates what so ever other than RCs and Betas

  • Can you verify if your nic's support ALTQ?

  • The Realtek and 3com should be supported under ALTQ.

    @TS:  Can you verify that the default allow any LAN NAT rule is in place?

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