How to Block LAN Subent ?

  • Hi All..

    I am very new to pfsense. Can any one tell how to block lan subnet of pfsense firewall from outside communication.

    Internal lan subnet should not able to ping/RDP/anything do with outside Network. Want to completly isolate the LAN.

    Can any one suggest please.


  • Remove all firewall rules on the LAN tab.

    –> No rules = everything blocked.

  • hii..
    It worked.thanks for the reply.

    One more query pls.

    My IP is out of LAN network.My traffice will hit firewall WAN IP. Now i want to have webconsole to that firewall on wan IP. And i no others can able to access the pfsense webconsole on wan IP.

    Only my IP need to have webconsole access and internal LAN subnet access.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't really understand what you want but:

    To allow access from a single IP, set in the source of a firewall rule: "IP_you_want_to_allow/32"

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