Cannot connect 2 PF's under vmware

  • Hello Community

    i setup a dual wan under vm and its working real fine.

    i decided to add another vm to have a proxy server between dual wan and my computers

    so heres the setup

    1st VM
    NIC 1 - Wan1
    NIC 2 - Wan2
    LAN - VMnet 6 (not on bridge)

    2nd VM
    WAN - VMnet6 (not on bridge)
    LAN VMnet0 (onboard NIC) –---------------->>> this NIC connects to my network

    Problem :
    both vm get ip
    1st VM got IP from DHCP from both WAN1 and Wan2 and a lan IP of

    2nd VM got IP via DHCP from 1st VM
    Wan : DHCP from 1st VM
    LAN :
    DHCP Range : -

    the network cannot connect to the internet
    the network doesnt obtain DHCP from the 2nd vm as its supposed to be

    Please Help LAN Masters

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