Openvpn - dhcp from remote location server

  • Hi

    I have a question about a solution to get dhcp ip address from remote side through openvpn tunnel.

    In other words i have a pc and a dhcp server in far locations. Both pc and dhcp server are connected to pfsense routers on lan ports.
    I need to set pc nic to dhcp and get ip address from server through openvpn tunnel.

    Network map:

    Location 1:

    Server dhcp lan: , dhcp pool :
      Pfsense router: wan

    Location 2:

    PC lan: dhcp wait for offer from dhcp server
      Pfsense router: wan
                            lan= ??

    Openvpn site to site between pfsense routers i guess,

    How can i make this scenario and do i need to activate bridging?

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