PfSense 2.0 - OpenVPN Client - StrongVPN - Multiple LAN

  • Dear Support,

    I have an issue…
    I'ld like to setup my StrongVPN account with my pfsense (1x WAN, 2x LAN (LAN1,LAN2)).

    When I setup the StrongVPN in the "OpenVPN: Client" section, and started the service, both of LAN subnets get trough on the VPN subnet.

    I'ld like to setup the VPN subnet for just LAN1.

    if eg.:

    VPN: <- (real IP)

    result WITH VPN:
    LAN1 -> WAN <-
    LAN2 -> WAN <-

    result WITHOUT VPN:
    LAN1 -> WAN <-
    LAN2 -> WAN <-

    and I would LIKE:
    LAN1 -> WAN <-
    LAN2 -> WAN <-

    How can I do this?

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