PfSense 2.0: Captive portals hangs connecting to http://ipaddress:8000

  • Hi,

    I am playing with the captive portal, and have put in place a custom login script however I cannot see to get it to work.

    Insofar, after authentication the server shows a successful login, and I can see the session in the captive portal status page, however on the client it hangs on connecting to address http://ipaddress:8000 and after that times out I cannot connect any websites.
    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    My login script is as follows:

    <title>Company Name - Guest WiFi</title>


    Welcome Company Name

    After reading, and agreeing to abide by the Company Name usage policy below; please enter the username and password provided by reception to continue.

    <form method="post" action="$PORTAL_ACTION$">

    I have read, and understood the Picochip acceptable
    internet usage policy

    | Username: | |
    | Password: | |



    Company Ltd - Acceptable internet use policy


    Having a problem?  Please either speak to Reception or call the IT Helpdesk on +44xxxxxxxxxxx for assistance.

    Company Name | Address 1 | Address 2 | Address3

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:30PM


  • looks like a bug in the stable rc1 release as I just installed a snapshot and its working

  • Am having the same issue

    Multiple VLANs

    is i use a non captiveportal VLAN it gets the page fine, else it fails

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