User based menues

  • Hi,

    I use a pfsense version 2.0 RC1. Which version do you use ? What are the access that was granted for this user? Personally this doen't work for any type of access…indeed is the case for "WebCfg - System: User Manager page" access rule. When I apply this rule to a user and then I log in with this account I have no access to account management interface.

    Thanks !

    (…sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue...)

  • UP ! Someone have this problem ?  :'(

  • Hi !

    I have exactly the same problem :

    When creating a user with the following rights :
    WebCfg - System: User Manager page
    WebCfg - System: User Manager: Add Privileges page
    WebCfg - System: User Manager: Settings: Test LDAP page
    WebCfg - System: User Manager: Add Certificate Allow access to the 'User Manager: Add Certificate' page.

    That user cannot access those pages…
    I've filled a bug entry in redmine ( but if someone can help me fix this issue, if someone can help me fixing this issue it would be great !

    PS : I'm currently using version 2.0-RC1 (amd64) built on Mon Apr 4 18:13:35 EDT 2011

    Thanks a lot !

  • Hi,

    Ok thanks for bug entry post ! I therefore coded an another php interface for users management if you are interested i can send you my work by MP

  • i have a similar fault.

    after giving a user the privilage that are in post 2, i loged in with that account then the only thing happend is that this user van change his password.
    not add or remove users.

    is this the same error.