Create a user for captive portal

  • Hi ! I need to add/create a new account user to authenticate over captive portal.
    I know that this is easy to do whit GUI, but I need to make it without enter on the web panel.
    My goal is to create automatically an user local account directly by the page of Captive Portal with many html forms where the users insert their credentials (name and surname) with a username like a valid cellular number.
    The password will be generated by a my php script and another function will send a sms whit password to user; No problem for this…
    Maybe I can modify the "services_captiveportal_users_edit.php" page...

    <form action="services_captiveportal_users_edit.php" method="post" name="iform" id="iform">
      Username |  
      Password |  
    		 (confirmation)		 |		
      Full name |  
    		User's full name, for your own information only |		
      Expiration date |  
    		[![Pick a date](/themes/nervecenter/images/icons/icon_cal.gif)](javascript:NewCal('expirationdate','mmddyyyy')) 
    		Leave blank if the account shouldn't expire, otherwise enter the expiration date in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy |		

    how can I create a user with the data I want?  Can you make me an example ?  :P

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