• Hello all.

    I have installed pfsense 2.0RC1 (default Firewall rule) with a Buffalo WHR-g300n in AP mode behind it, through which my PCs and Laptop connect.

    After running several tests from Shieldsup and AuditMyPC, I passed all of GRC's Port tests, but I discovered through AuditMyPC that the Internal IP address of my PCs are visible to AuditMyPC's Anonymous surfing test. Is this normal for pfsense to show the Internal IP of a device that is behind it? Or does this require a custom rule to prevent internal IPs from showing? I am using google's free DNS server, could this make any diff?

    Sorry for the noob question, any insight would be great.
    Thank you


    From Auditmypc.com;
    "Internal IP
    This does not necessarily mean your firewall is malfunctioning or improperly configured. The method we used will sneak past most firewalls. Why? Because we use Java to grab the information and then pass it on to the server (Notice how everything ran without prompting you?) "



  • Issue Solved & Explained.