OpenVPN was working, added VOIP traffic shaping and WAN failover and now broken

  • I have a 1.2.3 system which I had successfully set up with OpenVPN PKI and was working fine to connect from remote clients.

    We have added an in-house voip PBX so I added firewall rules and traffic shaping to prioritize voip traffic from the PBX's local IP address.

    At the same time, I added a load balancing WAN failover rule onto the OPT1 interface for a backup DSL connection.

    Everything works fine except now I cannot connect remotely via OpenVPN (using the WAN interface).

    Anything obvious that I should verify to get this working?  I know in the definitive guide there are ominous warnings about traffic shaping on multi-wan setups - could this be the culprit?

  • Okay so the fix was pretty simple.  For anyone with a similar setup, you need to put

    local (your WAN IP address)

    into the "Custom Options" field in the OpenVPN configuration page to bind the service to the specific interface.

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