HTTP passing but can not download?

  • Alright so I finally was able to get DHCP to be passed to network clients, and then was able to get clients on the internet and can resolve sites, but for some reason downloads are blocked?

    I am running pfsense 2.0 RC1 and I can not for the life of me figure out why I can not download a single file from any external host but can resolve sites. Not able to run a speed test from multiple providers, they can't even start the download test. I am even unable to download the Apr 8th update from behind the pfsense firewall.

    Any suggestions?

  • What firewall rules do you have configured?

    Are your clients configured to use a proxy? If so is that proxy working?

    Can you download from the pfSense host directly?

  • I pretty much just have the normal any to any rules for each interface, this was done by creating an interface group for all LAN interfaces that are configured on Bridge0.

    I also have some NAT rules set to try to get two XBox 360s to have open NAT.

    No there is no Proxy being used

    and NO i can not even download from the pfsense servers. Trying to invoke the auto upgrade results in the file appearing to be downloaded but then pfsense says that the file is corrupt and the update can not continue. I would then have to hook my box straight to the cable modem and then download the update and do a manual upgrade which does succeed.

    Like I said before not even speed tests are passed. I'm not sure what rule I am missing. When I used M0n0wall I just made the any to any rules to allow my interfaces to access http and nothing more for downloads.

  • That spring to mind:

    1. Faulty hardware - including (but not limited to) switch, NIC, network cable
    2. Mismatched interface duplex/speed settings

  • Haven't touched the Duplex modes… sigh faulty hardware... sadly it could be a possibility but all NICs are brand new so most likely if faulty hardware is the issue it would be the Mobo most likely, I will swap the WAN interface and see what I get... would be good if the WAN was on another NIC and acted like it should so that way I would have some piece of mind but bad cause then I would have HW issues...  :-[

  • Don't overlook faulty network cables - try another one before you try anything else.

  • ieee I posted a reply on another topic but it was actually for this one lol. Ok so it did come down to HW issue of sorts. Not sure what was up with the PCI slot I was using for the WAN interface but I reassigned the WAN to a different interface and now HTTP works w/o issue. Now I just got to get my two XBoxes to be open NAT. I have an ethernet testing tools so I can tell when there is a fault in a cable, They all seem fine

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