Help customizing CP login page

  • Hello, I'm using captive portal with pfsense. Currently, in Services > Captive Portal > [Portal page contents], I have uploaded an html file called "captiveportal-index.htm" with the following content:

    ## Please provide your credentials:
    | Username |  |
    | Password |  |
    |  | 

    This works OK. But when the credentials are wrong, it redirects to the default pfSense captive portal page with the error message. What else should I do to edit the "invalid credentials" page to make sure it's consistent with the page that looks like the one i uploaded?

    Also, the logout page seems not to popup ever. I am on RC1 2.0 and I'm not sure if this is an issue, or because I have not uploaded anythnig on [Logout page contents]

  • You probably want to upload your own error page in section "Authentication error page contents" (right below "Portal page contents"). That's what I did and my portal login and error pages are of the same style and look.

    Logout pop-up doesn't work, you're right. I guess it is a bug.

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