Change the login promt to show more than a "."?

  • Hello folks!

    How do I change the login promt to show more than "."?

    In IE 8 it tells me: The Server at . requires a username and password.
    In FF 4 it tells me: User and password is requested from Place tells ".".

    The FF 4 is a raw translate because I´m from Sweden ^^, so I didn´t catch the correct message from pfSense.

    Under my general setup:
    Hostname: Here I have typed in a name I want to use.
    Domain: Here I have typed in a domain I owned and that I´m using to access my box.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Edit /etc/inc/ and change this line:

            header("WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=\".\"");

    Though of course that won't survive a firmware update. On 2.0 the auth system is completely different so this isn't relevant there.

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