I have dental office, peer to peer share..This morning network is not connecting

  • The network is not connecting other computers.  This is the message that comes through, "The system has detected as IP address conflict with another system on the network.  The local interface has been disabled. More details are available int he system event log.  Consult your network administrator to resolve the conflict"

    Any help in this manner would be appreciated.


  • Can you explain what this has to do with pfSense (an in particular wireless in pfSense)? That looks to be a Windows error message that hints that you have an IP address clash on the LAN.

  • You've got another box on the LAN that is handing out DHCP IP addresses (that overlap).
    To fix you either need to find that box and turn it off, use a different IP range, or change one or the other sub-net mask.
    If it's all wifi at the office, then this mysterious DHCP box could be one of your neighbor's LAN wifi equipment.

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