Alfa AWUS036NH as WAN interface

  • Using 2.0 of pfsense, I am wondering can I use the AWUS036NH to associate to a wireless AP and use that for my WAN connection?

  • I'd like to know this too if anyone knows.

  • Your NIC is probably supported in pfSense 2.0.

    As best I could find out, those devices contain a Ralink chipset supported by the run driver in pfSense 2.0. Some caveats:

    • Some assemblers change the chipset without changing the model number, making it difficult to determine the chipset from the model number.

    • I have been using a NIC with similar chipset on pfSense 2.0 successfully for some months. I have it configured as an AP. If I recall correctly I have seen reports of difficulties when its configured in Infrastructure (associate with a AP) mode. I have no idea if there is still a problem.

    • You will probably need to tweak the configuration to load the firmware for the Alfa at boot time. Searching the forums for run firmware will probably show a number of posts with a recipe. This tweak is not needed if you plug in the device after the system has booted.

    I suggest you build yourself a pfSense system and plug in your Alfa and see what happens. If that is too much hassle ask for recommendations for a USB Wireless LAN NIC to operate in Infrastructure mode. These devices need not be expensive.

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