X-Box 360 MTU 1364 error when firewall scheduling enabled

  • Symptoms are both in 1.2.3 and 2.0 - RC1 Thursday Apr 14 14:57 EDT 2011

    I have setup an XBox 360 that works fine with the firewall rule for IP to PASS all traffic out, and UPnP enabled. Network tests OK. Game Play Great.

    Firewall rule.
    ALLOW * XBox * * * * none

    As soon as I set the rule to BLOCK, and use a schedule, The XBox 360 cannot connect to XBox LIVE, network test says MTU must be minimum of 1364.
    Firewall rule.
    BLOCK * XBox * * * * none MySchedule

    How does changeing Firewall rule from PASS, to BLOCK and adding a schedule manage to make XBox say MTU settings to small?
    Is pFsense changeing MTU.

    What else am I missing?

  • Schedule rules don't impact the MTU at all, you sure you aren't blocking it and somehow ending up getting that error rather than some kind of connectivity error for some reason?

  • Thank you for your quick response.
    After I posted, it dawned on me. I added another rule below the BLOCK, schedule to ALLOW.

    Now all is good.

    pFSense 2.0 Schedule Tool tips  say "This Rule is Currently inactive" !!!  as opposed to "ALLOWing trafic.

    THIS is how my rules are now and work PERFERCTLY.

    BLOCK * XBox * * * * none MySchedule
    ALLOW * XBox * * * * none

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