Firewall Rules Doest Apply Help

  • Good day, i have this setup
    1 LAN 2 Wan Gateway)
                                                    >>>>> (LAN) Gateway)

    All my Apple Devices (specific ip via alias) will be redirected to OPT1 –------------< this is above of my 2 rules below
    All http request will be pointed to wan1
    all other request will be pointed to OPT1

    whenever i do s speedtest from my iphone (which is inside my alias used above) it get its resource from WAN1 not opt1

    is there a possible way that i can redirect certain devices IP address to specific gateway ?
    sample : all apple devices go to opt1 , the rest just follow the rules below the 1st rule stated above?

    thank you for your help in advance and sorry for my bad english

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