Multiple Subnet behind pfsense firewall.

  • I try to testing a pfsense firewall, i have a problem as below,
    i have 3 subnet behind pfsense firewall use gateway for connect each subnet.
        network that same interface firewall (192.168.1.XXX) can use secure web and can use ping command to outside, But 2 Subnet( and ) can not use secure web (https://) and can't send package to outside (ping). Pls help me for solve this cause.
    But before change to pfsense old forewall can used(no problem this cause)

                    Pfsense firewall
                        (Subnet A)
                          GW L3--- (Subnet B)
                        (Subnet C)

            Subnet A can access internet.
            Subnet B and C can't access internet.
            I try to test allow all at rule, But still not work.
    *** the last time i use ISA2000 can access ****

  • This is the same problem like here:
    You have to use advanced outbound nat to create additional nat mappings for the internal networks pfsense doesn't see directly (in the webgui at Firewall>NAT, outbound tab).

    Also make sure you have all routes setup accordingly.