How to write single rule for mutiple destinations?

  • Dear All

    I am having a pfsense firewall with 1 LAN and 1 WAN.

    I want to write a single rule for one LAN IP( for multiple destinations on various ports.

    Is this possible in pfsense firewall ? or should i write individual rules for every destanation on ports.

    Please suggest..


  • Create an Alias for your Destinations and another Alias for your Ports and use those Aliases in your single rule.

    Its in the Web GUI under Firewall/Aliases

  • I am new to this Forum.
    Regret the inconvenience occured.

  • Hello

    can someone can help in this regard..

    I want to write a rule like below in pfsense firewall :

    source                Destination                ports                            Default Gateway        3027 , 4589, 554, 963        Our gateway IP

    What i am going to ask is ,

    1. can i write a rule with 3 or more ports in different range ?

    2. can i add sources or destinations in already written rule ?

    thank in advance.

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  • Thanks ohnel….

    It worked fine.

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