• Hello,

    Well I just installed pfsense and I have few questions about the IPv6, I used to run a dual tunnel to 2 IPv6 brokers 1 HE and 1 sixxs on my little wrt54g.

    I tried running a tunnel on pfsense with out any luck….. I setup gif interface from command line and the interface seems to be up, but I cant ping the other end of the IPv6 tunnel. I enabled the IPv6 in firewall to the wan address and also setup in advace settings the WAN IP for IPv6 tunneling but I have no luck with getting pings I even went as far as making a rule that everything comming from the IP of the HE tunnel broker for any be able to pass. What am I doing wrong ? Please any help would be appresiated as I loose credits with Sixxs tunnel broker when my tunnel is down for a long time.

  • Just to add to this I also get this error when trying to add a ICMP6 from any to any on eather LAN or WAN interface

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:115: unknown protocol icmp6pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded - The line in question reads [115]: pass in quick on $lan proto icmp6 from any to any keep state label "USER_RULE"…

  • Yeah some one pointed this out to me. So there is no work around that  ?

  • @yozh:

    Yeah some one pointed this out to me. So there is no work around that  ?

    I was the person that pointed that out, and I already told you there is not until its fixed.


  • Here is the solution I got it working now….


  • Okay, nice sleuthing.  Always great when the man pages are incorrect.

    I've just commited fixes for this.  It will show up in the snapshots in about an hour.

  • Im thinking about making a little guide on how to get IPv6 working with pfsense to help others…..

    Im was also pearing with HE for bgp6 with quagga Ill be putting that on later today

  • I would be grateful if you get some documentation together.  I'm stuck getting the rules right so packets actually get sent through the tunnel.  I would love to start over and try again.

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