Dual Wan firewall rule issue

  • I have setup dual wan however evertime i try to insert this rule - http://doc.pfsense.org/images/1/14/FirewallRulesEdit.jpg

    it blocks all internet traffic. Can someone explain, i just cannot get it to work. I am modifying the original rule as suggestyed in the guide however when i select my gateway - Wan1balanceWan2 and save, all traffic stops until i set it bakc to default.

    I have ensured that i have ticked the destination option and have a valid alias with the two IP's of my routers.

    This is the final step and i seem to be stuck so any help would be appreciated.


  • Could you post a screen shot of your rule? The rule you have linked us is correct

  • Hi

    Managed to get it sorted, user error and new with pfsense = not work lol

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