Voip Trafic Random Destination port

  • I upgraded to the new 2.0 RC1 at home but am having troubles whit my voip trafic.

    See attachment #1

    As you can see when my voip provider gets a phone call for me try's to connect to me but he is doing so from a random port. It has only become a problem sins my upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0 RC previously an normal NAT statement would service but I believe that 2.0 is perhaps prematurely closing connection states in the router. But I don't know I seek your wisdom about the matter.

    I have attempted to add an rule that sends every thing from the voip provider to my voip gateway at home but have been unable to create an nat rule to match this. So now the information is no longer blocked by an firewall rule but is just lost because he doesn't know where to sent it to.

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