• What rules of firewall I must create for squid?.
    I have v.0.96.4 and i have install Squid and dosen´t work.


  • By default you don't need to change any firewall rules (unless you've removed the default allow from LAN -> Any) to make squid work.  The squid package, however, is broken and so it probably won't work for you at this time.

  • When i try to install the package squid say broken !

  • @cmenghi:

    When i try to install the package squid say broken !

    The package is marked as broken because it is not complete.  There are some items that generate issues with the squid.conf and require ssh'ing into pfSense and manually making changes.  By default, the transparent proxy functionality works just fine and uses port 3128 for which there is a redirect rule already in place within pfSense.  If you are looking to setup an authenticated proxy, then this is in development and the redirector within Squid will not work properly with this package yet.  Thanks!

  • Please try the squid package again.  I just fixed umpteen zillion errors.

  • apparently now works fine, thk sullrich :D