Captive portal not working on repeater/wds

  • i use captive portal with no problem, all users can redirect with no issues

    but problem comes when i deploy a repeater on my neighbor.

    using wap54g with ddwrt set as repeater.

    im using pass through mac.

    when i connect direct to my ap i can connect with no issue

    when i connect to the repeater i was not able to connect directly and redirected to portal page
    (note, my mac is on the pass through mac list)

    so i experiment. i remove my mac on the pass through mac.

    obviously i cant connect straight from
    my ap.

    i add the wlan mac of the repeater to the pass through mac list

    i connect to the repeater and i can connect? (dont have my mac on pass through list)

    it acts like when i put the wlan mac of the repeater, all gadgets connect to the repeater can connectnstraight even if their not on pass through mac.

    and when i remove mac
    of repeater from the list, all users connect from repeater cannot connect even they are on pass through mac list….

    my setup is this

    pfsense------>wireless AP------>repeater

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Captive portal works at layer2. pfSense needs to see the MAC of the client, and apparently in your case the AP isn't passing that on, it's giving the MAC of the AP instead of the client.

  • thats exactly what it does. it sees the mac of the repeater instead of the clients connected to repeater. any solution on this atm?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's up to your AP's configuration. Nothing pfSense can do about that, and Captive Portal only works at Layer 2 so there isn't a workaround at the firewall level.

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