Road warrior openvpn tunnel established, but can't get anywhere

  • I followed the pfsense-ovpn.pdf tutorial for a road warrior openvpn setup, and am able to establish a vpn connection to the pfsense machine.

    The tutorial assumes that the pfsense box is the default gateway for everything I want to connect to from the client side of the vpn.

    If the tunnel connect succeeded…and you
    cannot ping the internal hosts, keep in mind that you have to set pfsense as
    default gateway on all LAN servers you want to be able to connect to.

    This is not true in my case.

    I want to be able to connect to the other members of the subnet on which the LAN interface sits. But again, the LAN interface of the pfsense machine is NOT the default gateway for those hosts.

    So how can I connect to them? I think I need some kind of firewall or nat rule, but can't figure it out.  ???

    Thanks so much in advance. I tried to search out the answer but its hard to know what search terms to use… :-\

  • server: pfsense 1.2.3
    client openvpn gui 1.0.3
    I used the 2.0 folder to create the keys, certs, etc