Forward incoming OpenVPN clients to another server

  • Hi all,

    Is it possible to forward incoming OpenVPN clients to another pfSense box?

    I have created a port forward rule on my wan facing pf box (pf A) to forward all udp 1194 requests to the lan interface of another pf box (pf B) on the same trusted network.

    The logs of pf A show the traffic being forwarded to pf B but the tunnels don't come up. I know that the OpenVPN config on pf B is good since clients can connect to it directly if I point their config to this box.

    Is what I'm trying to do technically achievable? If so, have I missed something out?

    Thank you.

  • What does the log on the client and the server say?

  • Port Forwarding OpenVPN to another server/interface should work.

    I am port forwarding from WAN to LAN interface (both on the same box) and this is working. So it should work if you do the port forward to another box.

    Are you sure, that the firwall rules on your box b are correct ? Source IP and port need to be "any".

  • Doesn't look like the traffic is even hitting the second pf box….but surely it wouldn't be hitting the firewall of pfB since it's LAN > LAN traffic?

    EDIT: now solved so forget the above - (had to change the source on the default LANnet rule from LAN Subnet to 'any')  :-[

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