Alix 2D13 + pfSense - howto setup network using the WAN and LAN connections ?

  • Just got my Alix 2D13.
    Installed pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-2g-nanobsd.img.gz on a 2GB card.
    Following this guide;

    Today my system looks like this;

    Cable Modem - Linksys Wrt54g (dd-wrt) -> 16P Gigabit Netgear switch

    I would like to have this;

    Cable Modem - Linksys wrt54g (dd-wrt) - Alix 2D13 with pfSense -  16P Gigabit Netgear switch

    Main Goal:
    Reason for this is that I want to block specific computers on my network, from reaching torrent IPs.
    I know that the pfSense should be able to update a list of IPs, which It chould check and block… and this list can be scheduled to be updated daily too..

    I need to find information about this, but having some problems maybe searching  for the right words,.. trying to get some help here on where and what to search for.

    Every tip is appreciated! :-)

  • I found that I had to put WAN and brigde this to the LAN connection.
    I have turned off DHCP server.
    I have enable DHCP Relay - and put in the dhcp server ip.

    No my computer, connected to the LAN port, gets an IP,DNS etc… but I cannot ping/dig etc.. :-/

    I'm connected to my network, but I cannot see outside world..

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