Help needed on Psense running on Virtualbox Mandriva 2010

  • Hi Guys,

    I am in need of some help with the following scenario …

    I have got pfsense the latest version installed on virtualbox, now everything installed with no errors but after i have configured my wan and lan with a static IP address i cant seem to ping out or ping my
    pfsense virtual box ...

    I have got no funny setup on my Mandriva box, its configured as a samba server and i can communicate with it, I checked the virtualbox settings for the machine, ive got 2 physical network cards which is one onboard and one PCI card.

    Ive tried all the given virtual network cards that are given by virtualbox and been through the internet looking for an answer to a point that all the pages google give has been opened.

    Please guys, if any1 has some solution for me I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I'm running virtualbox on Ubuntu 10.10. I found the FreeBSD driver for one of the AMD network cards didn't work with virtual box so i configured emulated Intel GigE virtual cards for use with FreeBSD.

    Have you read the Virtual Networking chapter in the virtualbox manual? What configuration have you chosen for the pfSense virtual machine?

  • I have now reinstalled using the cnet network cards with virtualbox, I have tried using the intel's with no luck.

    Then I boot up and find that I can ping out to but i cant ping any of my other network interfaces on the network which is also on the .1 range.

    I am really lost, I cant even ping my host mandriva box from PFsens virtual machine not to mention access the web interface of pfsense.

    PLEASE Help, I am as you can see desperate for answers ….

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