Captive Portal Access by time

  • Hi All
    I have searched for this but haven't found anything.
    Is it possible to somehow configure captive portal to allow a user access to the internet by time, say from 8am to 5pm but not afterwards?

  • Today, no, but we're starting a project in two weeks to assign schedules to IP and MAC passthrough entries, which will allow what you're looking for. I'm not yet sure if that will end up getting merged for 2.0, but at a minimum it will be for 2.1 and available prior for those who want to use it on 2.0.

  • That's great. If I had a radius server authenticating, would you also consider functionality that allows that type of access by user?

  • Your RADIUS server has to handle schedules in that scenario.

  • I am new to pfsense, but I am liking what I am seeing.  Captive portal is very cool and with transparent squid integration I am very happy.

    One thing I'd love is an access schedule via the built in local user database.  That would allow me access for some during business hours and others 24/7.  I can't plan on MAC or IP address for the devices.

    I was happy NOT to use radius, as the built in local db gives me what I need.  The previous post mentioned scheduling with Radius and the response was that would be on the Radius side….
      1. Is there a package that allows schedules based on the local user db in pfsense?
      2. Would an external radius server possibly provide that granularity now?
      3. Any plans on pfsense getting this level of granularity?
      4. How hard is it to code packages for pfsense?  I am a mysql/php/C/C# programmer!


  • update to latest build…this option already available

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