Automatic login to web based access

  • I'm relatively new to pfsense, but it looks absolutely incredible! I've got a system up with a wan connected to an isdn router and the opt1 connected to a wifi access point through a client and a router.
    Here's my problem… the wifi access point has a web based login page to authenticate me as a user of their network. I'd like to find a way to automatically handle that login when it occurs. The page always shows the same url, so I would imagine there could be an easy way of scripting something, but I couldn't find whether or not someone else had already handled a similar situation.

    Thanks again for such a great product, I'm slowly hammering through the materials to guide me through selectively routing traffic across the two wan's.


    btw, if this was the wrong forum in which to post this topic, please forgive me and advise as to the better selection.

  • Maybe I don't understand what you are trying to do exactly but what does this have to do with pfSense?

  • As pfSense is handling the combining of my isdn and wifi connections to the internet (web browsing through the wifi, everything else through isdn), I was hoping there might be a script or some means of automatically filling out a single page from a single site from that box rather than handing out the passwords to every client.
    I can understand how this might be a relatively uncommon application and likely not yet contemplated. If so, then I've got some work to do! My searches for anything applicable were fruitless and before I dive into creating a solution, I wanted to verify it doesn't already exist.


  • There is no easy way to make pfSense handle this.

  • Thank you for the quick reply! I guess I've got some work to do.


  • Best guess is that it's some sort of captive portal. So some sort of wget/lynx command in a sh script, and timed with corn should most likely do the trick. If you find a command line that will activate/login then adding a cron job should help you ensure it's up.

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