• Hello,
    I was trying to listen to the radio on my ipod touch while mowing the lawn. i am able to surf the internet but it was unable to stream music thru my pf sense.
    to make sure it wasnt my ipod touch i bypassed my pf sense box and went direct from my modem to the wireless router. (Currently running ddwrt in access point mode)
    I am wondering if its HVAP trying to buffer and or scan while trying to stream? i literally waited 5 minutes before i decided to bypass my PFSENSE.

    current packages installed on pf sense:
    Country Block
    HAVP antivirus
    Dashboard Widget: Antivirus Status
    Dashboard Widget: HAVP
    RRD Summary

    2.0-RC1 (i386)
    built on Mon May 9 03:45:21 EDT 2011

  • Easy enough to test.  Disable HAVP and see if that fixes things.

  • I disabled HVAP and i was unable to get online using anything . desktops laptops and itouch. enabled it and i was back online..

  • I also found it strange that it had something to do with the HVAP. I was not experiencing the problem before but suddenly, this thing would happen. Browsing the internet would be a breeze but when connecting to internet radio and some other stream ares like ustream on my ipad would cause some problems.

    I think I have to move forward without the use of HVAP

  • it appears i am not the only one

  • You can always do what I have done with Pandora and add it to the whitelist on HAVP, then it will skip over just that site and scan everything else you browse.  As a future note, it does the same for almost all streamed media (youtube, slacker, etc.) so I usually add the ones I use to the whitelist on HAVP.