How does CP limit client bandwidth?

  • I would like to limit bandwidth for each client (say, 1.5mbx512k) and just have the user click through the CP with no username and password.  I think I understand it to be based on MAC address of the client, but I'm not positive.  My situation is that I have a hotel that has the need to limit bandwidth on a per-client basis to prevent hogging, but we do not want to make the user do anything more than click a button to get through the CP because they are guests not employees.

    Also, if you specify an IP to bypass the CP, does the bandwidth restriction still apply?  Ideally, I would like to be able to specify an IP or MAC address that could have a different bandwidth allocation if I decide to use a router to mask a group of users to one MAC address to have a different total bandwidth allocation.  Basically, the only scenario that might arise is a group that would not be limited while everyone else would have the limitation applied to keep anyone from hogging away from the group.  I'm assuming I would need to use Radius to do this?


  • It's by MAC and IP (CP enforces the association between them). IP and MAC passthroughs have no limits in 1.2.3, they have per-entry limits in 2.0.

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