Help Need Urgently "Pfsense as guest machine on Virtualbox Mandriva"

  • Hi Guys,

    I am really in desperate need of help, here is my setup and what I want to be able to do …

    Mandriva 2010 installed running Virtualbox

    I have 3x network cards installed, 2 PCI Dlinks and Intel onboard adapter.

    What I am aiming for is 1 network card to control my local network access to the samba server also configured on my server
    2nd network card to be my WAN that is connected to a billion router configured in Pure bridge mode
    3rd network card to control my wireless access for guest internet.

    If someone would be so kind to give me an example on how I need to configure my virtualbox network card etc bridge, nat, internal network and so on, ive read up on the virtual networking side for virtualbox but still cant solve my problem.

    Do i need to create Vlans so that each network card is mapped for the right job in Pfsense because at this moment ive got all my Virtual network cards configured as bridge, and thats the only way i can access or talk to my guest machine.

    Please guys, any help will be so appreciated.

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