DaloRadius client integration {500$ +}

  • Hello,

    I am a the owner of www.osnet.eu a french based appliance shop which provides updated guides on how to use / configure pfSense.

    I am actually trying to build a global PoP based on DaloRadius (interface to FreeRadius) that could be used by my clients to act as an Authentication / Accounting / Management platform .

    The goal is to build a global authentication system based on different needs (Pay per use / Free / Subscription based).
    My clients would resale the service to end users… based on my platform.

    So far I have :

    • A working DaloRadius
    • A working database MySQL used as a backend to FreeRadius
    • A working FreeRadius
    • Be able to successfully authenticate using pfSense captive portal with activated Radius

    I have managed to setup basic authentication, but now I need to move on to more complex schemes including :

    • Management of Groups
    • Management of Resellers
    • Payment based on PayPal (templates are working I need to integrate them with pfSense)
    • Accounting

    I need someone with a very good understanding of how pfSense captive portal is working and with previous experience with FreeRadius.

    I am offering 500USD, but this is a starting point that will have to be re-evaluated considering initial analysis.

    Let me know if you would be interested.

    Work will be based on current snapshot of v.2.0-RC
    Hosting solution is FreeBSD based.

    Remote work.

  • I don't think you need to done anything to pfsense. The captive portal should works fine with Session-Timeout.

    Most of the development works is on freeradius to return correct remaining time of the user.

    I can help you with that, but I think you needs to put on specific list of task since there are multiple product.

    I not familiar with DaloRadius but I have done customized billing system + freeradius as radius server. If you can list the specific task maybe I can do a few. Task such as

    1- Integrated daloweb xxx function with freeradius.  - USD ???
    2- Configure freeradius accounting to be usable with daloweb. - USD ???

    something like that.

  • gregober,

    I have multiple sites running pfsense 2.0RC1/2 authenticating against external (public) RADIUS box(es) using the built in portal. Remote users have the ability to log in, and create users and groups for their site.

    As far as daloRADIUS:
    Tested daloRADIUS in a Xen VE today with success locally. I plan to migrate this Xen VM to a public farm as well as test the accounting attributes along with AD integration when I get time. I don't see why this would not work, dalo is nothing more than a great front end for freeRADIUS.

    I have a Mesh build on the table integrating C15C0 Wireless Controllers, and I plan to use pfsense as a gateway, daloRADIUS & paypal for payments. This build could pan out, or become a tangent… either way, I may be interested in assisting with paypal integration, it looks like you're going to be deploying a large scale system  ;D

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