How to install under Vmware

  • Hi guys, here's my setupt

    Windows home server 2011
    vmware workstation

    I would like to be able to run Pfsense under virtualization is it possible and how?

    I got 3 Nic card laying around.

    Please advice!

  • Much the same as installing in real hardware. You'll find lots of details in this forum, in the documentation (particularly here) and the official book - all of which should cover the basics of getting started.

  • try this

    go to network area connection of your host pc and set this:
    onboard nic (LAN) - uncheck vmware bridged protocol only in properties the rest check
    nic1 (WAN) - check vmware bridged protocol only in properties


    modem/ISP >>>>> WAN (nic1)    pfsense in vmware workstation
    …..................... (LAN) onboard nic >>>>>>>> switch/hub

    virtual network editor in vmware workstation setup before going to pfsense installation
    vmnet0 - bridged - select your onboard nic
    vmnet 2 - bridged - select your nic1
    note: remain vmnet1 & vmnet8 as default settings

    vmware adapters
    network adapter - custom - vmnet0 (bridged)
    network adapter2 - custom - vmnet2 (bridged)

    then you can now proceed to installation
    after installation, default lan ip of pfsense will be
    you can change that according to your likeness

    go back to your network area connection
    set your lan nic(which is your onboard nic as what i use above)
    go to tcp/ip and apply this
    gateway: <<<<<< must be same with your lan ip of pfsense
    preferred DNS:

    put this in your browser
    username: admin
    password: pfsense

    that's it!
    hope it helps

  • this is excatly what worked for me,38012.0.html

    and he was spot on with everything, just make sure under your vm settings when you are installing your product on the host computer, that you select the vmnet interface after you have the initial one that is automatically created for you via the vm interface

    meaning once you go thru your setup
    go back and add 1 or 2 or how ever many nics you have and have them set to your vmnet that you applied in the host server virtual networking section

    that is where i was confused but once i slowed down and re read all the directions over and over it was like DUHHHH

    then boom it all worked like clock work

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