VPNC for PFsense $50

  • Hi I am interested in having a VPNC Package for PFsense.

    The package needs to meet the following specifications:
    1. Specify on which Interface the VPNC should be binded. For example if you have MultiWan
    2. Have an own Page on the NAT and Firewall Rules Page so that you can edit your Firewall Rules and make Portforwardings on the VPNC-Interface
    3. For some reason the connection which is made with the VPNC will die after 12Hours. Therefore a regular Check if the COnnection is still alive needs to be implemented and if it dies, it should be restartet.
    4. The VPNC should be selecetable as an Interface for Source Policy Routing

    A nice to have feature would be if also a dyndns record could be updated if the vpnc establishes a connection, but if this is not feasable it doesent matter

    As I am a Student, 50$ is as much as I can afford to put it inside this bounty,maybe others are willing to participate.


  • Hi,
    i just wanted to mention that there exists a Port and a Package for FReebsd, maybe this could make the work easier.


    Maybe now someone is willing to create a package


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