Configuration Question for a beginner

  • Hi,

    I am installing pfsense for the first time and I really like the product.  I am moving some servers into my home from colo and have a business class internet connection and after looking around settled on pfsense for the firewall etc.  I am really impressed with the features and the community.

    I need help configuring the pfsense box and need to know if my configuration will work, I appreciate any help you can give me.

    My planned setup:

    Thank you in advance for any help you can be.  Also, hope you like my ASCII network diagrams :) :)


  • WAN:
    Your front end looks ok off the LAN subnet ID -
    You could address anything on the Wan from the 98 to 102…
    Broadcast is 103...

    Lan ip - Private addressing is ok. But your diagram is showing public ip address for server?

    Opt1 - Public Addressing - this will take some work.

    Your setup could be done with a traditional DMZ model and private Lan if I am following you...
    There are setups in the pfSense 1 book that you can follow or check this thread here and use DNS forwarding...

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