Remote administration

  • Hi all,

    I had set up an Alix board with PFsense ver 2RC1 updated with today's version.

    I have been trying to set it up for remote admin, but so far have been unable to do so. I created a firewall rule under the WAN tab to allow http access from any source and any destination. As I said it does not work. I really need to get this working. Can some one tell me the exact settings to enable. Thanks.

  • Firewall rule on WAN:
    protocol: TCP
    source: any
    source port: any
    destination IP: WAN-Address
    destination Port: 80

    This should work, if your webGUI is on port 80 and there are no other WAN rules ahead of the rule I posted above.

    If it does not work, please post a screenshot of your WAN rules in Firewall.

    If on interface WAN "Block bogon rules" is checked, you cannot connect on WAN side with this kind of source IP addresses.

    PS: To access the webGUI using the way you like isn't the best and secure way to do so. Try to configure a VPN access.

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