Captive Porto rate limiting doesn't work on 2.0RC2??

  • Can someone please confirm that in 2.0RC2 that in Captive Portal, the rate limiting per user just doesn't work at all?  I have played around with this, looked as though it was working, made no changes to my system, and now it doesnt work at all.. Whether i use the rate limit on the Captive Portal settings page, or in the Bypass MAC clients where i can set an upload and download rate for each user.. neither work at all…

    I need to be able to limit each user... some assistence please?? i have  WISP and really need thta captive portal limiting working, or at least sme other way that i can individually limit each person that connects (Antenna in my case.. each users antenna MAC is insterted into the MAC bypass page)

  • You can just use the settings on the Services->Captiverportal page.
    Depending on your infrastructure you can use even a radius server.

  • I have tried with just using the settings on the captive portal page with no luck at all. I can login without problems, but none of the rate limits i set work at all.. i have done it allowing each user 600k down and 600kup, testes and users get anywhere from 1mb to 4 mb down ans up..

    i have a FreeRADIUS server, ready to go but i also cant get that to work with the captive portal. I set the radius servers IP in the external radius server settings, but when i try a login, i get an error saying that there was no valid radius reply or something like that.

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