Vmwear pfsense 2.0 rc1 no port fordward

  • hi can someone help me because i miss something

    i have 2 fisical nics
    and 2 vm nics briged to 2 nics  the first one is the wan pppoe to the router  the other one is the lan

    the wan selected only vm the lan all

    i have internet and i do port fordward from gui to  udp/tcp  port 28960 i chek the port with port cheker and say is open udp and tcp
    so i ran the game server to the port 28960 but no one can conect to my server because pfsesne frewall block it why?

    If   Proto Src. addr  Src. ports Dest. addr Dest. ports NAT IP      NAT Ports
    WAN  TCP/UDP  *              *       WAN address  28960         28960

    Status: Interfaces

    WAN interface (pppoe0)
    Status up
    PPPoE up 
    Uptime 01:02:04
    MAC address 00:00:00:00:00:00
    IP address 
    Subnet mask
    ISP DNS servers
    In/out packets 788627/776020 (997.75 MB/117.35 MB)
    In/out packets (pass) 776020/436920 (997.41 MB/117.35 MB)
    In/out packets (block) 12607/0 (351 KB/0 bytes)
    In/out errors 0/0
    Collisions 0
    LAN interface (em1)
    Status up
    MAC address 00:0c:29:fe:09:3a
    IP address 
    Subnet mask
    Media 1000baseT <full-duplex>In/out packets 434295/434285 (117.40 MB/1000.24 MB)
    In/out packets (pass) 434285/774911 (117.40 MB/1000.24 MB)
    In/out packets (block) 10/0 (661 bytes/0 bytes)
    In/out errors 0/0
    Collisions 0</full-duplex>

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