HTTPS traffic over port 80

  • Hi

    I am running an application that has encrypted traffic (HTTPS) over Port 80. All the firewall rules have been setup as needed. I believe that pfSense could possibly be dropping the incoming encrypted packets since it is not able to check the incoming packets.

    Is this how pfSense works? Or does it allow all traffic over port 80, encrypted or not?

    Other firewall rules like VNC and RDP work absolutely fine.

    If anyone has any ideas or needs more information, please ask away.

    I am the stage of starting to pull my hair if I had any.



  • PfSense doesn't look at the content of the traffic.
    –> all it knows is that there is a TCP connection.

    If you're running an internal server and want to access it from the outside: did you create a port forward? Just a firewall rule would not be enough.

  • Thanks… Yes there is a port forward as well created along the firewall rules.

    As I indicated, RDP and VNC work perfectly fine. I am just having trouble connecting over port 80 and that the traffic is https. sigh

  • How are you connecting?
    Some browers autoassume specific ports when a protocol is given.
    have you tried:
    –> protocol and port specified?
    different browsers used?
    Could you move everything to a different port as a test like 10080?

  • Issue fixed. Nothing related to pfSense after all. WAN was hard coded in the software and did not like being moved.

    Good to know that pfSense does not mind encrypted traffic over port 80. :)

    Thanks GruensFroeschli  for your time and suggestions.

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