PFS as OPEN VPN client and internet gateway?

  • Hi guys,
    is it possible to get open vpn tunnel as internet gateway?
    I would setup PFS open vpn tunnel with astrill.
    VPN is up, but then i dont have internet connection.
    I tried to add new interface openvpn, and configuire it as gateway, then i can pass to internet but traffic dont go through astrill servers.
    Any suggestions ?

  • It is possible to use an OpenVPN tunnel for all your traffic, I do it at home.  I've never heard of that provider though.  You might get a better response by posting some details of your configuration, screenshots are always nice.


    it is plan to hide static public ip address

  • Yeah, I found the company by searching on Google.  You still haven't posted any details about your config.  Without that, no one will help you.

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