Traffic from PPTP clients is blocked

  • Hello,

    Got a stupid question, but indeed I have no fresh ideas for troubleshooting.

    I have a pfSense box acting as PPTP server:

    LAN -> pfSense ->[WAN]->{Inet}<-PPTP clients.

    I created a rule at PPTP interface allowing all traffic from PPTP clients to LAN subnet. However, when trying to ping some host inside LAN, I get the following line in the firewall log:

    [blocked] NG1 client) address)  ICMP

    "The rule that triggered this action is @415 block drop in log quick all label "Default block all just to be sure" "

    How to debug firewalling rules in general case? What are NG0, NG1, etc. interfaces? On which interface the traffic is blocked?

    Thanks in advance for any consideration,


  • the ngX interfaces are the PPTP tunnels. Each user has it's own interface when connected. Make sure you used protocol "any" in your pptp firewallrule instead of the default "tcp".

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